I know, seriously! What in the world does that mean?

logo“Waumba” means Creator in Swahili. So, Waumba Land means “the land of the Creator”.

Here’s what you really need to know about Waumba Land! Waumba Land is our environment for preschool-aged kids (birth through pre-K). It is the place where parents bring their preschoolers and where volunteers show up every Sunday to introduce these little ones to their Heavenly Father.

And that’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing we do for our preschoolers. We introduce them to their Heavenly Father. Our MISSION in Waumba Land is:

To make a FIRST IMPRESSION of the Heavenly Father in such a way that it makes a LASTING IMPRESSION on the heart of a child.
Every week we have this incredible opportunity to make an impression of our Heavenly Father, our Creator, in such a way that our preschoolers will grow up ALWAYS believing that there is a God who made them, who loves them, and who wants to be their friend FOREVER!

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