4 Steps for Starting Small Groups

NPR_FeaturedBlogImages_11Is your church ready to transition from Sunday school to small groups? Or are you interested in revitalizing your existing groups ministry? At North Point, we’ve connected thousands of folks into small groups and come up with some helpful tools along the way.

Here’s a brief roadmap and the matching resources for each step.

Set a Strategy

Andy Stanley’s book, “Creating Community,” outlines everything you need to know about creating a thriving community through small groups. Read it with your whole team to get on the same page (forgive the pun…).

Cast the Vision

The single most important ingredient in the success of our groups is Andy’s annual Sunday sermon about the value and necessity of community. Hear a collection of his past groups sermons in the Casting Vision for Groups Sermon Prep Kit. Or check out the pre-service videos we use to promote groups the rest of the year.

Create the Connections

We use an in-person weekend event twice a year called GroupLink to connect folks into groups. (The GroupLink Starter Kit can help you re-create this event at your church.) Maybe an online tool would be the best method for your church—the important ingredient here is that the step into community is as easy as possible for your attendees to take.

Start with a Great Study

We kick off all newly-formed groups with the 8-week study Community: Starting Well In Your Small Group. It walks each group member through the basics of community, helps each person share his or her story, and sets clear expectations for the future of the group. From here, groups can choose what to study next but they’re out of the gate with a great foundation.


We hope sharing these resources can save you the time and spare you the frustration of starting from scratch. Have questions or need to chat through details with someone? Email Christy at resources@northpoint.org.