Be Rich

Welcome to the Be Rich Campaign support portal.

If you have found your way here per the directions in the Be Rich Playbook, you can utilize the Menu navigation to the left to find all of the supporting material referenced in the Playbook and more.

If you have otherwise stumbled upon this page and are interested in launching a Be Rich Campaign for your organization, your first step is to order the How To Be Rich Church Campaign Kit. It includes the How To Be Rich Series DVD for groups; a copy of Andy Stanley’s new book, How To Be Rich; and the Campaign Resource DVD. Central to launching a Be Rich Campaign is the Be Rich Playbook, which includes everything from the history and philosophy of Be Rich to the step-by-step details for implementing the campaign for your organization. The Be Rich Playbook can be found on the Campaign Resource DVD.

For general information on the Be Rich Campaign of North Point Ministries or to participate individually, visit